Welcome to the Covetrus Connect Marketplace™! In order to present your company and services in the best possible light, we ask that you provide the information outlined below.

Explore Tab

Upon launch, Marketplace opens to an Explore Tab where users may browse available partner services. Each partner is represented by a feature tile.

The following should be provided for the Explore Tab:

  • Service logo (100x100, PNG file with transparent background)
  • Service category

Overview Tab

Clicking Learn More within the Explore Tab will navigate the user to an overview of the partner and the featured service.

The following should be provided for the Overview Tab:

  • Header
    • Company name
    • Service website URL
    • Service sales phone number
  • Body
    • Text or basic HTML formatting
    • 300 words or fewer 
    • Images are not required, but should be formatted not to exceed 1080px in width if included

Privacy Tab

When reviewing the details of the service, users can also access the partner’s privacy policy.

The following should be provided for the Privacy Tab:

  • Full privacy policy
    • Privacy policy web address
  • Overview
    • Text or basic HTML formatting
    • 200 words or fewer
    • No images or other media
    • Addresses key topics
      • What data is collected to provide service and how is it used?
      • What, if anything, is done with the data outside of providing the subscribed service?
      • How is data safeguarded?

I'm Interested Tab

If a user would like further information about a service, a contact form is accessible on the I’m Interested tab.

The following should be provided for the I'm Interested Tab:

  • Service interest email address

That is all! We We look forward to partnering with you! 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact techops@vetdata.com

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