The VetData support team strives to provide flexible availability to our partners.


Most inquiries and requests for assistance should be submitted through the support portal or via email to one of the addresses below.


For emergencies and cases that require urgent attention, you can reach our support team by phone at:
Partners: (888) 838-3282 option 4
Practices: (888) 838-3282 option 3


While our support team is only available by phone during office hours, we offer extended availability after hours and on weekends for emergencies via email. We will make an effort to respond to after hours emails within 120 minutes. 

Hours are listed below in Eastern Time.

DayPhone HoursEmail Hours
Monday9am - 6pm9am- 10pm
Tuesday9am - 6pm9am- 10pm
Wednesday9am - 6pm
9am- 10pm
Thursday9am - 6pm
9am- 10pm
Friday9am - 6pm
9am- 10pm
Saturdayunavailable9am - 10pm
Sundayunavailable9am - 10pm