Practice submission of the landing page notifies both Covetrus and Zoetis of the practice to begin installation. The FUSE is installed by Zoetis and FUSE App is installed by Covetrus.  

The FUSE App consists of the following tabs:   



Contain a list of orders submitted to the FUSE and the associated order status: 

  • New  
  • Created 
  • Order Number Assigned 
  • Complete 
  • Error Attaching Results 
  • Error 
  • Attached 


Provides specific practice information needed for Setup 

Provides the means of linking AVImark treatment codes to the analyzer tests.

See Mapping AVImark Codes to VetScan Tests  for detailed description 

Submission Failures: 

Either of these conditions will cause the order submission to fail: 

  • Missing or invalid Species 
  • Missing or invalid Gender 

To correct, edit the patient record, correct the species and/or gender entries and resubmit.