Accessing the FUSE App 

The FUSE App will be accessed during training to identify the connected VetScan devices and map the AVImark procedure codes to the VetScan test codes.   

The FUSE App will persist in the background monitoring for procedure codes that are mapped to analyzer tests to be entered into the patient's medical record, and writing back the results once completed.  

You may want to access the FUSE App to map additional test codes or to check on a specific order. To access, check for the Covetrus Icon on the task bar or in the system tray.  


 Mapping Tab

Why doesn't a code I just added to my patient’s record push the test to the analyzer?

Verify that the code in question has been linked to a lab test. Only linked codes push orders. See Mapping AVImark Codes to VetScan Tests  

Do I need to add all of the lab test codes into my practice management system for direct mapping?

This is not a requirement, though it may make the mapping process easier. Lab tests can be linked to existing practice management system codes. Or you can add a new code within AVImark and click the refresh Icon to retrieve it for mapping. 

Requisition Tab

What happened to my order? 

The requisition tab can be used to see the status of an order to assist with technical support.

How long will requisition status be displayed on this page?

By default, 30 days of historical requisition submissions will be displayed on the Requisitions page. This range can be changed by clicking the blue calendar icon in the upper left of the VetLabs window.

Where can I view the results in AVImark?

VetLabs In-house AVImark  

Who should I contact with questions about test results?

While Covetrus can help answer questions about the set-up and order processing through the FUSE App and AVImark, Zoetis is the best resource for most questions about results.