Push Test to Analyzer

In order for a test to be pushed to a VetScan Analyzer, a linked service code must be added to the patient's medical history. It is not necessary to post the item to an invoice.


Orphan Results

AKA Orphan, Unrequested or STAT orders

For any order entered directly on an analyzer connected to the FUSE App, if the Patient ID is entered on the analyzer, and it is a valid Patient ID, the results will be written back to the patient’s medical record.

If the Patient ID is mis-keyed, and is still a valid Patient, it will be written back to the incorrect patient. The AVImark move MR function can be used to move the results to the correct patient.  

If no patient ID is entered or an invalid patient ID is entered, no write back will occur. The practice will have to manually handle this edge case.

View Attached Results

PDF Results

The test record should appear in the patient's Chronologic Medical History with (g) under Type. Select that record, and click Attachment in the list on the right, then double-click the attached .pdf file to open it. 

Note pdf attchments must be set to "On" in the VetLabs In-house setting tab.


Discrete Results

Discrete results can be seen from the Lab tab at the bottom of Avimark. Select the record and click Tests in the list on the right.

Note discrete write back must be set to "On" in the FUSE App settings tab.