Vetdata's official notifications for product and service updates utilize Freshdesk's forum solution. New announcements are posted in individual threads. To help organize notifications, posts are separated into categories; most notifications will likely fall into the Covetrus Connect category, but product-specific content will also be submitted to their respective categories.

After logging in, partners can review all posts. To receive automatic email notifications as new posts are published, partners can follow forum topics:

  • Sign in to the FreshDesk portal
  • Click the Forums tab
  • Navigate into a Category and choose a Forum link
    • (e.g. Covetrus Connect > Release Notes)
  • Click the Follow button
  • (Repeat for each forum desired)

As a baseline, partners are recommended to follow these topics, plus any others that pertain to them:

  • Covetrus Connect > Release Notes
  • Covetrus Connect > Alerts
  • Technical Operations Team > Agent Availability

Additionally, once an individual post is made, partners can click the Follow button on that post to receive notifications about updates given on that specific topic.