In order for VetLabs to recognize that lab work is available for submission, it is necessary to link service codes from the practice management system to the laboratory’s tests and panels. In this example, a T4 test will be linked.

Lab codes and descriptions appear on the initial page. In the upper right, search by lab code, description, or test group to locate the desired test. This will filter the list of lab tests to include only matching results.

Once the test has been located, click to expand. Click the plus sign to search for applicable codes in the practice management system.

An overlay will appear where users can search through their practice management system codes. Search by code or description to locate the desired code, then click the blue link button on the right to link it to the lab test.

Multiple lab tests can be linked to the same practice management system code to create custom panels. Please note that if multiple practice management system codes are linked to the same test and are added together to a patient’s record, that test may be listed multiple times when creating the requisition.